AddressFromAddress FromStandard
AddressToAddress ToStandard
BillingCityBilling CityStandard
BillingCompanyBilling CompanyStandard
BillingEMailBilling E MailStandard
BillingFirstNameBilling First NameStandard
BillingLastNameBilling Last NameStandard
BillingMobilePhoneNumberBilling Mobile Phone NumberStandard
BillingPhoneNumberBilling Phone NumberStandard
BillingStateBilling StateStandard
BillingStreetBilling StreetStandard
BillingZipBilling ZipStandard
ChargeDescrByNameCharge Descr By NameStandard
CPCarrier PackStandard
CustomerNameCustomer NameStandard
CustomerNoteNote came from customer. Standard
DeductibleLevelDeductible level of valuationStandard
DeliveryContactDelivery ContactStandard
DestCityDestination CityStandard
DestCOICertificate Of InsuranceStandard
DestCountryDestination CountryStandard
DestinationDestination Street AddressStandard
DestLongCarryLong CarryStandard
DestStateDestination StateStandard
DestZipDestination Zip CodeStandard
EMailCustomer EMailStandard
EncJobIDEnc Job I DStandard
EncLeadIDEnc Lead I DStandard
EnteredBySales Person who entered current leadStandard
EstimateCommentsComments coming from onsite estimatorStandard
EstimatedCuFtTotal estimated cu. ft by entire leadStandard
EstimatedLbsTotal estimated Lbs by entire orderStandard
EstimatorOnsite estimator IDStandard
EstimatorCommentsEstimator CommentsStandard
EstimatorEMailOnsite estimator EMailStandard
EstimatorFirstNameOnsite estimator first nameStandard
EstimatorLastNameOnsite estimator last nameStandard
FromAptFrom AptStandard
FromElevatorFrom ElevatorStandard
FromFloorFrom FloorStandard
FromSizeFrom SizeStandard
JobPickUpWindowPickup hour spreadStandard
JobTypeJob TypeStandard
LaborCharge_NoTravelTimeLabor Charge_ No Travel TimeStandard
LeadIDLead I DStandard
LeadSourceLead SourceStandard
LocalLicNoYour company local license numberStandard
MileageMileage between origin and destinationStandard
MinLoadMinimum load from your tariff (Long Distance)Standard
MoveTypeType of move (From Order Detail)Standard
MyCompanyAddressMy Company AddressStandard
MyCompanyCityMy Company CityStandard
MyCompanyCountryMy Company CountryStandard
MyCompanyEMailMy Company E MailStandard
MyCompanyFaxMy Company FaxStandard
MyCompanyIDMy Company I DStandard
MyCompanyInfoMy Company InfoStandard
MyCompanyNameMy Company NameStandard
MyCompanyPhoneMy Company PhoneStandard
MyCompanyStateMy Company StateStandard
MyCompanyWebsiteMy Company WebsiteStandard
MyCompanyZipCodeMy Company Zip CodeStandard
NumHrsNum HrsStandard
NumMenNum MenStandard
NumOfItemsPerJobNum Of Items Per JobStandard
NumTruckNum TruckStandard
OrderIDLead IDStandard
OrigCityOrigin CityStandard
OrigCOICertificate Of InsuranceStandard
OrigCountryOrigin CountryStandard
OriginOrigin Street AddressStandard
OrigLongCarryLong CarryStandard
OrigStateOrigin StateStandard
OrigZipOrigin ZipStandard
PhonesList of all phone number of the customerStandard
PickUpContactPick Up ContactStandard
PONumberUser Assigned NumberStandard
PricePerMinLoadMin load price from your tariffStandard
SalesPersonEMailSales Person E MailStandard
SalesPersonFirstNameSales Person First NameStandard
SalesPersonLastNameSales Person Last NameStandard
SalesPersonNickNameSales Person Nick NameStandard
SalesPersonPhoneSales Person PhoneStandard
SalesPersonTitleSales Person TitleStandard
SITDaysS I T DaysStandard
SpecialInstructionsYour internal instructions from Job DetailStandard
StatusIDStatus I DStandard
ToAptTo AptStandard
ToElevatorTo ElevatorStandard
ToFloorTo FloorStandard
ToSizeTo SizeStandard
TotalTimeTotal TimeStandard
TransitTimeTransit Time - (e.q.4 days, 7 weeks)Standard
TravelTimeTravel TimeStandard
TypeOfEstimateType Of EstimateStandard
TypeOfEstimateDescrType Of Estimate DescrStandard
USDOTNoU S D O T NoStandard
List_All_ChargesList_ All_ ChargesLists
List_All_StopsList of all stops per jobLists
List_ChargesList_ ChargesLists
List_Charges_AccessorialsList_ Charges_ AccessorialsLists
List_Charges_NoHeaderList_ Charges_ No HeaderLists
List_Charges_NoPriceList_ Charges_ No PriceLists
List_Charges_PackingList_ Charges_ PackingLists
List_Charges_StorageList_ Charges_ StorageLists
List_Charges_TransportaionList_ Charges_ TransportaionLists
List_Charges_TransportationList_ Charges_ TransportationLists
List_CrewList_ CrewLists
List_ItemsList of all inventory items (table)Lists
List_Items_3colList of items by 3 columnsLists
List_Items_NameOnlyList of all inventory items name only (table)Lists
List_Items_NoCuFtList of all inventory items without cu. ft. (table)Lists
List_Items_NoCuFt_NoBoxesList of all inventory items without boxes and without cu ft (table)Lists
List_Items_Qty_FirstList_ Items_ Qty_ FirstLists
List_LaborMen/hrs listLists
List_MaterialsList of packing materials on a job (table)Lists
List_Materials_AllList_ Materials_ AllLists
List_Materials_Pack_UnpackList of packing materials on a job with packing and unpacking (table)Lists
List_Materials_Pack_Unpack_NoPriceList of Materials Packing and Unpacking without PriceLists
List_StopsList of only extra stops per job (table)Lists
ListOfItemsList of all inventory items in lineLists
All_Jobs_EndUse this tag to close the space for information for each co-jobsAdvanced
All_Jobs_StartUse this tag to open the space for information for each co-jobsAdvanced
ChargeByNameUse this tag to display particular charge in your extra charges list. Example: |ChargeName.LineHaul|Advanced
CoJobFieldUse this tag to display information from particular co-job. Example: |CoJobField.Packing.JobDate|Advanced
FormulaUse this tag for any calculated value. Example: |Formula{|Rate|*3}|. This will display your long distance rate multiplying by 3Advanced
InitialHereInitial HereAdvanced
JobIDJob IDAdvanced
LinkToBookLink to booking online systemAdvanced
LinkToInventoryFormLink To Inventory FormAdvanced
LinkToPayLink To PayAdvanced
LinkToUnsubscribeLink To UnsubscribeAdvanced
OnsiteEstimateInvitationOnsite Estimate InvitationAdvanced
SignHereSign HereAdvanced
SignOffPlace where you want customer signature to appearAdvanced
SMS_Booking_LinkS M S_ Booking_ LinkAdvanced
SMS_Confirmation_LinkS M S_ Confirmation_ LinkAdvanced
SMS_Inventory_LinkLink to inventory sent via SMSAdvanced
SPSignS P SignAdvanced
BookDateBook DateDates
DateOfLeadDate Of LeadDates
DTFDelivery Time Frame (Lond Distance)Dates
EstimateDateDate of onsite estimateDates
GDDGuaranteed delivery date (Long distance)Dates
JobDateJob DateDates
JobDateAndTimeJob Date And TimeDates
JobTimeJob TimeDates
LatestPickUpDateLatest Pick Up DateDates
LDDLatest delivery date(Long Distance)Dates
PBOPack by ownerDates
PickUpTimeSpreadPick Up Time SpreadDates
RFDReady for delivery date (Long Distance)Dates
TodayToday' DateDates
WeekDayOfMoveWeek Day Of MoveDates
FlatRateFlat rate of entire leadMoney
GrandTotalGrand total of entire leadMoney
HourlyRateHourly RateMoney
RateLong distance rate from Job DetailMoney
TotalEstimateTotal EstimateMoney
TotalExtraTotal ExtraMoney
TotalLaborTotal LaborMoney
TotalMaterialTotal MaterialMoney
TotalPaymentTotal PaymentMoney
TravelTimeChargeTravel Time ChargeMoney
ValuationAmountValuation AmountMoney
ValuationChargeValuation ChargeMoney
CCAddressC C AddressCreditCard
CCAmountC C AmountCreditCard
CCCityC C CityCreditCard
CCExpDateC C Exp DateCreditCard
CCFirstNameC C First NameCreditCard
CCLast4C C Last4CreditCard
CCLastNameC C Last NameCreditCard
CCStateC C StateCreditCard
CCZipC C ZipCreditCard