Book online setup


This system will allow you customers to make estimate and book the job online fully automatic. The estimate will be based on your settings in eMover, such as hourly rates, efficiency factor, maximum load for every crew including stairs and your default charges.

Once lead received by eMover from any source, including your lead providers or form on your website, the system will send initial letter to the customer with the link to the booking system. Customer can follow that link to the BookOnLine system where he or she can enter all additional information that was not provided with initial lead submission, such as extra stops, full inventory etc.
The system will automatically make the estimate right on line and let the customer book the job. Once the job is booked, company will receive the booking email and the job will be placed in job calendar in eMover.
Customer can also postpone or cancel booked job online. They can also save changes to their estimate without booking, so they book it later. Once the job is booked, no changes can be done by the customer

Before you can start using BookOnLine system you need to setup your account

  1. Login to Book Online Setup here: account.emoversoftware.com/quicksetup
  2. In Company Information you can upload a logo to be reflected on BookOnLine pages that your customer will see
  3. Go To Email Setup and enable Auto Book System

 Setting up letters:

In Letter template you need to have the following letters:

  1. Initial Estimate Letter. This letter wil be sent automatically when lead is received by eMover from any source, such as your website or lead provider.The letter must have a link to the booking system |LinkToBook|
  2. Customer Account Updated. This letter received by the customer when he or she saves changes without booking..
  3. Customer Booked.This letter received by the customer when he or she book the job.
  4. Customer Postponed.This letter received by the customer when he or she book the job.
  5. Customer Cancellation.This letter received by the customer when he or she book the job.
In Template properties – desription is what the customer will see in the subject line of email.
Please make several tests by creating dummy leads and play with different scenario before make it life. You can use this link for making dummy leads:
account.emoversoftware.com/form.html. Put your email address in the form so you can receive initial letter and follow the link to connect to OnLineBook system.
The best way of testing the system – after submitting first dummy lead turn off  Is Auto check box in Initial letter and use the link in the initial email you will receive to play with the estimate. To go live, just check this box again and Save.
Make sure that you activate this feature in EMail Setup portion of BookOnLine setup


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