Managing customers and their orders

This is the list of all customers ever entered to the system via new lead or directly. You can browse customers via pager or find them directly by using search box. Search is done by any part of customer name or company name.

You can click on the customer to go to customer profile. You can see list of all customer’s order and access any of them by clicking on the order in the list. You can also add new order for current customer directly by select order type from drop down box “Add New Order”

You can also attach any documents related to the customer by usting Attachments tab. You can select filed on your hard drive by clicking “Select Files” You can also attach serveral files at one time by holding CTRL key while selecting files.

For commercial account or for permanent customers, you can create different customers rates and customer material rates for each particular customer by using Customer Rates and Customer Mat. Rates tabs. This will override your regular rates for

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