Letter Designer tutorial

The main tutorial on setting up letter templates

  1.  To create/modify all letters template go to Lead Settings – Letter Designer. You will find samples letters already created. You can copy existing letter by selecting it in the list and then click on Add. You can now enter new name of the letter which will become a subject line when you send it. Use HTML editor to modify letter body. You can also copy and paste letter body from another HTML document, including website, or Word document. You can also add images to the letter using Image Manager Tool on the Editor Toolbar. For more information on how to use this editor, see Editor Manual or this youtube video.
  2. You should use fields from left pane to drag and drop fields into the letter body. Please make sure that you will see both flat brackets before and after field name, like |CustomerName| etc. For complete list of used fields click here
  3. You can also modify letter by switching to HTML source of the letter if you familiar with HTML programming. It will support all kind of CSS styles.
  4. Use other setting for letter to specify type of move, status before send and status after send for which this letter can be used. This information is needed if you want to create automatic letters based on the status and type of move. If you want this letter to send automatically, select Auto and specify Days (0 for immediate sending). This way the system will send letters once certain status is specified in leads. Example: You create a letter to send immediately once system receives it from your lead providers. So it should be set like so: Status- New, Send Auto, Days 0. Now you want to create a follow up letter that will be sent in 3 days if the customer is not responding to the previous letter – create a new letter and put status New, Send Auto, Days 3. The similar way to create automatic letter for other statuses – system can send letters based on your settings until status is changed.
  5. All letters – automatic and manual – are available in Lead Detail form based on Type of Move of current lead.
  6. Getting Customer Signature Online. eMover has a tool that allows you to customer send a link to a document to sign. To create this type of document, create a document as you would do in 1. and 2. and then add field |SignOff| from the list of available fields. You may also want to add a note to the customer explaining this link in Short Body part of Letter Designer. You can also use some database field in Short Body by dragging and dropping them from Available fields. Once letter is created, you can send it from Lead Detail – Send Letters by clicking Send Link button. Customer will receive a letter with a description you specified in Short Body and a link to the document he needs to sign that created in Body of letter designer. In the bottom of the document there is a line to sign where customer can put his signature using mouse or finger if he uses smart phone or tablet. Once document is signed by customer, this document will be automatically uploaded to Attachment tab of Lead Detail and EMail will be sent to the Sales Person of the current lead.
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