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eMover is a software for movers and moving companies that is entirely based online. The only thing you'll need is a high-speed Internet connection and your favorite browser (Chrome or Safari is preferred). No additional installation is required. There are no out-of-pocket expenses - just easy monthly payments. No installation fee, no cancellation fee, no pre-payment, no strings attached.

Setup takes a couple of minutes and is as easy as checking your email. The program does not require special training, however, our support team is always here to answer any of your questions.




Here are the main features of eMover software: 

  • A CRM module to manage all your leads, whether they are manually entered, submitted from lead providers or taken from your website's lead form.
  • Auto-complete to quickly enter customer's addresses and view location images to instantly get driving directions and distance.
  • Advanced job hours calculation engine to instantly calculate your job estimate.
  • Rich letter designer to give you an unlimited array of appealing letters that can be sent automatically or manually.
  • Document creator to create and print any documents including Bill of Lading, Order for Service etc.
  • Mobile application to let your customers sign documents electronically and automatically save them to the customer file.
  • Sophisticated Dispatch module to drag and drop jobs to your moving crew.
  • Connection to Google Calendar to show you your jobs and estimates wherever you go.
  • Mobile Estimator to make your onsite survey fast and accurate.
  • Payroll module to automatically calculate the salary and commissions for your workers and sales persons.
  • Long Distance Dispatch module to create and manage long distance trips.
  • International Module to create international moving jobs and shipments.
  • Storage Module to give you full storage management and accounting, including recurring credit card charging of your storage customers
  • Report Wizard to create any data reports. 



Bill of Lading on the screen of the tablet is now available in Google Play Store - Friday, February 24, 2017

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Book On Line - New feature is coming soon! - Saturday, November 12, 2016

 Introducing a new feature - Booking online module for your moving customers. It can be connected to your company website, so customer can make a real online estimate based on the rates you entered in eMover and book the move bypasing your sales persons, even after hours!

Lead On-Demand - Saturday, June 27, 2015

 We are glad to introduce a new feature - LEAD PURCHASING ON DEMAND!

We are working with major lead providers as well as getting leads from our websites - and offer it instantaneously in eMover. As soon as lead arrives, we are matching it to your local area and also validating that you don't have this lead in your system. 

Then lead information is briefly showing in the lower right corner of your screen, so you can click on it to see details of this lead, or dismiss it. If you dismiss the lead it won't show up again.

If you like the lead, you can purchase it, if you don't - just disregard.

If this lead is invalid, like a wrong customer information or customer is not intending to move, we will refund the purchase of the lead at your request.

We will appreciate your feedback regarding this feature

Update! Update! - Monday, December 15, 2014

New update is here! 

In dispatch: New sleek look, improved search, map of all jobs 

In Onsite Estimates - Go to Day View and you will see new button - Daily Estimates Dispatch. Now you can drag and drop estimates to estimator from unassigned estimates and between estimators.

Inventory Link - Sunday, November 23, 2014

 We have improved feature that sending inventory link to the customer . Now you can add a body to the inventory form the customer will see when he clicks Inventory Link in your letter. To do this simply add Short Body in the letter designer for the letter that contains Inventory Link the same way you would do in Customer Signature letter. Please make sure that the Short Body won't exceed height of 300px.

Also, now as soon as the customer click on the link, it will be recorded in the system as new CRM action and you will be notified via popup notification once customer clicks the link. You will be also notified when customer updates his/her inventory, so you can follow-up instanteneousely!

Live Chat - Friday, May 9, 2014

 Introducing LiveChat! Whenever you have a problem or a question, click on the Help button in the right corner of your screen and chat live with support team!

New SmartPhone App is here! - Thursday, February 13, 2014

 Signature captureWe are glad to annonce that we have developed new smartphone/tablet app for foreman for signing Bill of Lading and Order for Service by the customer at the job. Foreman will also be able to enter all charges, complete bill of lading and charge credit card on the spot. Information will be later uploaded to eMover and make job closing a snap!


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